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Social media does not close sales standard

Don’t forget about the sales savvy that brings in business By Liz Wendling Published: 2017.08.09 03:00 AM Smart and savvy business owners are using social media strategically to build deeper relationships with prospects and referral partners and to find new prospects earlier in their buying process. When implemented correctly, it can be one of the best tools to open the door and close more sales. Social media gets potential clients interested in you. Sales skills get them to buy from you. READ MORE…  

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Using Direct Mail to Win at Engagement Marketing standard

Direct mail is not standing idly by as digital technology makes its mark in the modern marketing environment. Despite a rep as a marketing tool that is dead in the water, direct mail, too, is data-driven, and is now more targeted, more personalized, more relevant, and more efficient. At least it can be. Data-driven analytics allows direct mail marketers to customize each piece, with individual’s names and addresses, as well as personalized images, using the same data pool that marketers use for email and social media marketing. Additional technology lets direct mail marketers measure efficacy, while driving down costs due to postal discounts. Direct mail also taps into what McCann CEO Harris Diamond affectionately calls “The Mail Moment;” that little flutter ...

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