Independent Retailer
High Volume Catalog Design & Development


AP+M produces holiday catalogs for a number of retailers around the country, many with multiple stores in multiple states.

These retailers understand that their customer base consists of a large population that wants to thumb through a physical catalog instead of browsing on a computer.

The sales generated during the end of the 4th quarter promotions makes or break the retailer’s year, meaning all catalogs must be designed, printed and delivered to mailboxes with precise timing and accuracy in order to draw customers into stores for the massive Black Friday sales. Product decisions and manufacturer-submitted advertising artwork comes to us extremely close to the print date, making timeline management and flexibility critical.


Strict Timeline Management
Timing is of the essence for all that we do. The retailers are across the county in different time zones so during catalog season our design and digital production team is mobilized for extremely quick turn-around times so that proofs and changes are completed and sent to the clients for approval early the next day.

Analyze Delivery Points
We analyze each retailer’s mail list and drop ship mail deep into the mail stream to the best USPS destination delivery points to give us the most precise in-home schedules possible and the best postage rates.


The highly detailed schedule that we create for catalog production gives the retailers the time to make last minute product decisions based on inventory and manufacturer co-op negotiations.

Our quick reaction time enables us to handle the last minute changes with ease resulting in on-time delivery and cost-savings of our client’s catalogs each year.

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